Red Dot Sight Mounts

Red Dot Saddle Mounts

TG8901B Benelli Super 90 / Montefeltro (12 ga.)
TG8902B Benelli Nova (12 ga.)
TG8903B Benelli Super Black Eagle (12 ga.)
TG8905B Beretta 391 (12 ga.)
TG8910B Browning Gold (12 ga.); Winchester Super X2(12 ga.)
TG8915B Charles Daly - Pump (12 ga.)
TG8916B Charles Daly - Semi-Auto (12 ga.)
TG8920B Ithaca 37 / 87 (12 ga.)
TG8925B Mossberg 500 (12 ga.)
TG8926B Mossberg 500 (20 ga.)
TG8927B Mossberg 835 (12 ga.)
TG8928B Mossberg 935 (12 ga.)
TG8930B Remington - Universal (12 ga.)
TG8931B Remington - Universal (20 ga.)

Price: $43.95
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Manufactured by TRUGLO

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