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Anti-Muzzle Jump Technology!

This year, however, the technology has taken a new drastic direction. With all of the same paradigm-breaking technology as before, the Sims recoil pads now incorporate a new design to aid in another facet. The patented internal components, along with the patentedNAVCOM™material, have always been the major key factors in the performance of the recoil pads. The new design has optimized these two components to work together flawlessly to dramatically reduce muzzle jump. Muzzle jump has long been associated with a loss of accuracy in the last few vital milliseconds of the shot.

Illustration of Anti-Muzzle Jump Technology
How Our Technology Works:
Illustration of Anti-Muzzle Jump Technology

First:As the firearm discharges, the lower air chamber of the recoil pad is designed to collapse first, forcing the recoil pressure in a downward movement.

Second:As the rate of pressure increases through the cycle, the upper impact pillar engages first, then in a millisecond, the lower impact pillar engages, collectively evening out the rate of “push”, maximizing and controlling the angle of collapse.

Third:With the first and second steps in sync, the direction of the pressure is now optimized and referred to as “controlled-force direction”.

Results:With this new technology you will be able to “re-acquire” your target faster for that next shot, effectively reducing the rate of muzzle jump by up to 50%.

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