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Trulock Chokes

All of our chokes except the Super Waterfowl are made from heat treated 17/4 PH stainless steel. The Super Waterfowl is made from a special aerospace alloy.

OurPattern Pluschokes are the least expensive of all the chokes we make. They are flush mount design.These chokes give good performance with most lead loads and generally will give better patterns than most factory flash chokes. We strongly suggest that if you are using large lead, any size steel or Hevi Shot loads that you choose one of our PH, SC or SW styles as these will give better patterns.

OurSporting Claystyle chokes are an extended choke with a fully knurled head and wrench slots. The exterior of the choke has the natural stainless bright finish. The extension makes them easier to change than a flush choke. It also allows us to put a longer taper and parallel length. This gives improved patterns as there is less shot distortion. An extremely smooth interior gives less plastic buildup. These are normally used sporting clays, skeet and trap as the bright finish will not be a handicap. The SC chokes are steel shot approved from cylinder through improve modified. Hevi Shot approved in all constrictions.

OurPrecision Hunteris the exact same choke as the Sporting Clay style except it has a black oxide finish. These is available in the same constrictions as the Sporting Clay and plus we offer these in much tighter constrictions for turkey hunting and card shooting.

These chokes are normally used for hunting as the black finish does not reflect light. Hevi Shot is approved for use in almost all constrictions. Steel shot approved from cylinder bore through improved modified.

The Precision Hunter style of choke can perform double duty as both a hunting and clay shooting choke.

TheSuper Waterfowlchokes were originally as a maximum range choke with the ability to use large diameter steel shot. If you normally shoot at a maximum range of about 40 yards use out Precision Hunter chokes, as these will work very well at the distance and are considerably less expensive. The Super Waterfowl using Hevi Shot is the most lethal long range combination we have ever seen. We were able to get an approximate modified pattern at 70 yards using the SW #3 with Hevi Shot standard velocity in #2 pellet size. This was done with a .723 bore Benelli Nova.

Porting is available at extra cost on most of the Sporting Clays and Precision Hunter chokes Porting will reduce recoil by some degree. However no amount of holes or slots will make you think you are shooting skeet loads when firing a 3.5 inch turkey shell.

As far as patterns go we feel that porting is pattern neutral and it neither hurts nor helps the pattern. My advice is that if you want ANY recoil reduction buy the ported style. Please be aware that porting increases muzzle blast and the chokes will require more frequent cleaning.

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