Double Bull Darkhorse Ground Blind

The Primos Double Bull Dark Horse Ground Blind is the Cadillac of ground blinds. It has plenty of room for multiple people to sit comfortably. The Dark Horse weighs less than 20 lbs, which makes transportation to and from the field easy. The silent slide window adjustment system and the shoot through netting make this a great blind for the bow or gun hunter. The Dark Horse comes available in Ground Swat Camo.
The Primos Double Bull Dark Horse features Primos Double Bull's Silent Slide window system which spans a full 180 across the front of the blind and adjusts from 1” to 20” vertically. You can “open” the window or cover it with shoot-through netting.
The back half of the Dark Horse has a black interior to eliminate “profiling” and maximize concealment. Four shooting ports and two viewing ports provide shooting and viewing to the rear without compromising concealment.
Adjustable framekwork , which is why we pre-stretch our fabric, and incorporate a rotating/locking hub in our blind frame. If the fabric seems loose, simply rotate the hub which lengthens the strut and tightens the fabric, eliminatin wind flap. Included with the blind is the most recent Another Year on the Ground DVD.

Dark Horse Specifications:

  • Center Height: Approx. 67 inches
  • Shooting Diameter: 78 inches
  • Floor Space: 5 ft by 5 ft (25 sq ft)
  • Weight: ( 20 lbs)
  • Viewing/Shoot Through: 180 Adjustable
  • Prostaff Shooting Ports: 4 (8inches wide by 17 inches high)
  • Prostaff Viewing Ports: 2 (24 inches wide by 7 inches high)
  • Tie-Downs: 4 Wall; 4 Corner Stake Rings
  • Colors: Ground Swat Camouflage

Price: $372.50
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Manufactured by Primos

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